Reviews about Amazing Grace:

Amazing Grace, Kelly Peach’s sequel to Waking Up in Graceland, is a combination of suspense, fantasy, romance and just plain fun! Anyone who loves or ever loved Elvis Presley will also love this book. From the very first page, this book grabbed my attention and did not let go. Kelly blends facts with fantasy in an effortless way. Several nights were spent reading way beyond my regular bedtime, but I hated putting the book down. Just as with her first book, Kelly had my imagination working overtime with thoughts of being at Graceland with Elvis. I mean, what woman wouldn’t want to be with Elvis Presley?? I sincerely hope there will be more novels to come, Kelly. Continue to take us out of our everyday, mundane lives and into the arms of Elvis!”

Terri Zinchiak, Cameron Park, CA

“I absolutely loved Amazing Grace. I found it spellbinding. I didn’t want to put it down. I hated for it to end, but you definitely left it open for another sequel! You have a blessed talent to captivate your readers from the start with every sentence. I felt as though I was walking every path with your characters. I could envision every scene. Both of your books deserve to be on the New York Times Best Sellers list!”

Pami Hartman, Weldon Spring, MO (on the left below) 

“Amazing Grace was awesome. I read it in one day!”

Diana Reed, Miami Beach, FL

“I have to tell you that I subbed today and took your book to read. I was so enthralled I didn’t even care if the students were talking! At one point, I forgot I was in a classroom because I was at the Peabody Hotel! OMG!”

Substitute teacher in Texas

“I so enjoyed Amazing Grace. Thanks so much for taking me back to Graceland.”

Gail Baker, Augusta, GA

“Amazing Grace was very, very interesting, eye-opening, unique and one I don’t know if ‘I can explain.'”

George “Dad” Peach, Sanford FL

“I loved Amazing Grace and almost started crying at the end. I thought, she’s gotta get back to Graceland!”

Anonymous male

How to buy the book

“Your book is huge in South Korea!”

John Mitchell, St. Louis, MO (English teacher in South Korea)

“I was so glad to have a good book to read while waiting for my flight.”

Duna Morris, Bandera, TX

“I brought your book to work. Finished it, loved it. I want more!”

Lizzy Zenzer, Mandeville, Louisiana

“I am reading the printer proof! I can’t put it down! REALLY GOOD!”

Laura Jones, Messenger Printing, Kirkwood, MO (printer of Amazing Grace, on the left below)


Reviews about Waking Up in Graceland: 

“If the University of Memphis had an Elvis study program, Kelly Peach would have a Ph.D.

Her knowledge of the King and his world is phenomenal. Waking Up In Graceland is a showcase of her research and attention to details. Kelly’s creation of a few days in the life of Elvis Presley at Graceland is flawless.

Everyone knows Elvis and has a mental image of him. When reading the book, the conversations she writes for him can be viewed as he would really speak.

The tensions she creates between two main characters is palpable. The confusion of her heroine in between worlds feels real to the reader. I was anxious to get to the end to see how the situation resolved itself. I’m sorry I finished the book so fast because I still want to savor it.”

Jim McMullan, Barnhart, MO (Rest in peace)

Jim book 1-15

“I’m not a reader, but once I got to the ‘waking up in Graceland’ part, I couldn’t put it down! It was great. I loved it!”

Donna Whisenand, Conyers, GA






“I really enjoyed reading your book. Waking Up in Graceland stayed with me long after reading. It made me believe in magic again … and we’re never too old for that! Will you write one about Jim Morrison next?”

Laura Jones, Messenger Print Group, St. Louis, MO

Book launch party by Alex Metzger 1-8-15 (16)

“My husband and I enjoyed your book and after we read it, we had to visit Graceland. We had a great time! We even stayed at the Days Inn Graceland across the street. Wow!”

Carol Smith, Ballwin, MO

Reader Carol Smith 4-15 CROP

“I received Waking Up in Graceland as a present from my sister and it was the BEST birthday present ever! I couldn’t put it down as I felt magically transported back in time on an amazing behind-the-scenes trip to the King’s inner sanctuary — how cool is that! Written so creatively and realistically, I can’t wait for the sequel.”

Chris Carenza, St. Louis, MO

“I cannot wait for the sequel. I will be reading this one again! I cannot say enough about it. A great read. You do feel like you are there.”

Mary Garcia, Covington, LA

“You can really lose yourself in this book! It was 2am, the light was on and I was reading Waking Up in Graceland in bed. My husband woke up and wondered what in the world I was reading!”

Mary Cay Rackers, Weldon Spring, MO

“Some time ago, I purchased 2 copies of my dear childhood friend’s new book, Waking Up in Graceland. I absolutely adored it; I didn’t want to put it down. I was transported right into the scenes and couldn’t wait to see where they would take me. I also gave this book to my future daughter in law Presley, who comes from a long line of Elvis lovers, as I do. She loved it! Thank you, Kelly, for a wonderful book and I hope you keep writing because I can’t wait to see what’s next!”

Carrie Pratte, Desoto, MO

How to buy the book

“Polished off the book and all I can say is… SEQUEL PLEASE! A fun read. I hated to see it end. Well done, Kelly Peach!”

Tracey Word, Orlando, FL

“Just finished your book, my friend, and I LOVED it! I’m left really missing Elvis and hoping I’ll dream of him tonight!”

Julie Stockton, Lumberton, TX

“What a fantastic and fun read authored by my dear friend! I knew very little about the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll so I thoroughly enjoyed the historical perspective and your creativity (I am pretty sure there is a lot of Kelly in Maggie). Looking forward to a discussion with my book club!”

Carla Russell, Kansas City, KS

Waking Up in Graceland was great! Very entertaining! I could hear your voice throughout. What a fun story! I think there needs to be a sequel. So proud of you. Congratulations and job well done!”

Kay Halfmann, St. Louis, MO
(on right in photo with Amy Bach)

Book launch party by Alex Metzger 1-8-15 (132)

How to buy the book

“I absolutely loved your book! I’m usually a fast reader, but I read it slow, as I didn’t want it to end! Within the first 30 pages, I realized that Maggie could be me! I, too, was born into a Catholic family. I have all of Elvis’ movies, books, vinyl, CDs, etc. I even have a room in my house called The Elvis Suite that is full of everything Elvis! I try to go to Graceland at least once a year (with my Elvis luggage). I read your book with tears in my eyes because it’s like you’ve written my life story! Thank you for writing this book for fans like me. Much respect!”

Mary Engel, Waxahachie, TX

“The book was a most enjoyable fantasy. I especially liked the references to the King’s real life and the descriptions of Graceland. What a time it must have been! Thank you, Dear Kelly! You are a talented writer and I will always brag that you are a friend.”

Ed Novak, Elmhurst, IL

Waking Up in Graceland is a story that really draws you in quickly. As an author, your strength is capturing personalities and places in a short amount of pages. I especially enjoyed the time travel element. I could not put this book down until I was finished.”

Bob Will, St. Louis, MO

“I stayed up way too late finishing Waking Up in Graceland because I couldn’t put it down until I finished! Readers, check it out! It would be a fun beach read for your summer vacation and a great gift for the Elvis fans in your life.”

Chris Cordes-Sarrett, Redmond, WA


“I read your book Saturday night from start to finish because I simply could not put it down. A wonderful story that took me right back to Graceland. I know I am not the only one who has said this: “I am Maggie.” And if you are wondering, I was born on August 16 AND Elvis was my first live concert. Thanks for making it so real for me. Congrats on a job well done!

For those who haven’t read it, get it and read it now.”

Christina Schellhardt, St. Louis, MO
(on left in photo with Kelly Peach and Chris Scherting)

Book launch party by Alex Metzger 1-8-15 (131)

“I loved every page of this book. I couldn’t wait to turn the page to see what Maggie would experience next. Learning so much about Elvis made me want to pack up the car and go to Graceland to immediately experience it myself!”

Jill Bollwerk, St. Louis, MO
(on far right in photo with Bob, Emily and Cindy Koehler and Andy Bollwerk)

Book launch party by Alex Metzger 1-8-15 (89)

How to buy the book

“A fun read, the perfect beach book. I loved learning things about Elvis that I’d never heard of.”

Carol Scherting, St. Louis, MO
(on right in photo with Mary Reese and KMOX’s Charlie Brennan)

Book launch party 1-8-15 (23)

“I read your book in one day and loved it. I have to tell you, I’m not a reader. I barely have time to read the newspaper. I hope you’ve started on the sequel!”

Donna Lampe, Hillsboro, MO
(on right in photo with Kelly Peach)

Book launch party 1-8-15 (12)

“Mom really liked your book. Since she finished it, she hasn’t stopped talking about all of the Elvis facts she learned. And now she wants to go to Graceland.”

Carol Artman via Cara Artman, St. Louis, MO

“Your mother has completed Maggie’s adventure in Graceland! Since I fell in love with Elvis at age 14, it was a delight and joy to get to know him better, not to mention indulging in a fan’s fantasy. It is a MUST READ for Elvis fans and also for those wishing for happy, magic moments. I am thrilled and yes, I hope Joan Magdalene Coyle (you have to love that name) returns to Graceland. I am a proud Momma, Kelly Ann!”

Mary Reese, St. Louis, MO
(on left in photo with Elvis, Bob Reese and Kelly Peach)


“I curled up with a great book this weekend. Waking up in Graceland is the story of every woman’s fantasy — the opportunity to meet the crush of her dreams. I agree 100% with Kelly’s mom. It’s a must read for every Elvis fan. I am so proud of you, Kelly. There are those who dream of ‘doing’ and those who ‘do’. And you did! Congratulations on publishing your first book!”

Cheryl Cavins, St. Louis, MO
(on right in photo with Mary Pat Admire and Elvis)

MP-Cheryl 1-8-15

“I loved every detail of Waking Up in Graceland. Through your words, I could feel Elvis’ presence in the room. I wanted to be Maggie! I loved the rainbow duet; I could hear their voices singing and feel the special moment between them.”

Debbie Costrino, St. Louis, MO

Debbie Costrino w book 1-15

How to buy the book

“I just finished your book. Oh my goodness. I loved it!  Thank you for writing it. You really touched on Elvis’ quirks and it was so neat remembering Graceland from my visits. I even learned Elvis dyed his hair. For whatever reason, that fact escaped me. Great job and thanks again. I’d love to read another!”

Danielle Smith, Edwardsville, IL

Reader Danielle Smith 1-15

Waking Up in Graceland leaves you wanting to know what happens next. As a local Memphian, there were facts in the book even I didn’t know!”

Katie Graczyk, Memphis, TN

Katie G w book 1-15

Waking Up in Graceland is a great book, honest and full of love for Elvis. It was hard to put down; I felt like I was right there. A must read for any true Elvis fan!”

Kym Minton, Southaven, Mississippi

Kym bike and book 1-15 CROP

Waking Up in Graceland is a great book with interesting character descriptions of the people Elvis surrounded himself with. I learned a lot about Elvis.”

Mary Pat Admire, Alton, IL
(at left in photo with Elvis and Cheryl Cavins)

MP-Cheryl 1-8-15

Waking Up in Graceland is fantastic! I really enjoyed the storyline and the characters. I want to read more! You are amazing and I am so proud to call you friend.”

Stephanie Nigh, St. Louis, MO
(on right in photo with Ahern Nigh and Kelly Peach)

Book launch party by Alex Metzger 1-8-15 (170)

How to buy the book

Waking up in Graceland is a fun book! You really did a great job. What an accomplishment!”

Lisa Jellinek, St. Louis, MO

“I started reading your book the day it arrived in the mail and couldn’t wait to get back to it again after the house got quiet. I couldn’t put it down so I stayed up until after 1am to finish it. I loved it! And really enjoyed all the info about Elvis. I learned a lot! You need to write a sequel now!”

Diane Bentz, St. Louis, MO

Diane Bentz w book 2-15

“Great book. You are one talented lady!”

Amy Leipholtz, St. Louis, MO

“I started reading your book this weekend. You’re a fantastic writer and storyteller. It’s been an easy read and I’m totally invested in what’s happening. I wish the best for you and your book!”

Christin Hansee, St. Louis, MO

“I so enjoyed the book! What an accomplishment you have achieved! It definitely calls for a sequel.”

Sheila O’Toole, St. Louis, MO

“I finished your book when I was in Florida. What a fun read! I learned so much about Elvis and even ended up watching one of his movies last week on cable.  Great job!  We need a second installment.”

Ben Turec, St. Louis, MO

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