Advance reader comments

Advance team comments about The Kitchen Bowl Gang: 

“A colorful celebration of what a mother and daughter can bring to life during a pandemic. This story about friendship is fun and funny, and gives glory to our God.”
Mary Pat Admire, St. Louis, Missouri
(pictured with granddaughter Coraline)

Advance team comments about Amazing Grace:

“What a sequel! A love triangle, history lesson and cautionary tale about what it means to follow your heart. Unexpected twists and turns amid avid attention to detail.”
Becky Reichardt, St. Louis, Missouri

“Grace is so spunky, sweet and funny. You’ll fall in love and want to meet her!”
Chris Scherting, St. Louis, Missouri

“A fun, suspenseful story that keeps you guessing. I loved it!”
Joyce Romine, St. Louis, Missouri

“I was sucked into this book and could not put it down! I lost myself in Maggie’s journey, especially her stolen moments with Elvis.”
Cindy Denner, Lakeland, Florida

“I enjoyed the suspense, as well as the Elvis and Graceland history that Kelly wove into the book.”
Kati Eddinger, Aurora, Illinois

Advance team comments about Waking Up in Graceland: 

“Waking up in Graceland really delivers Elvis to the reader. I felt like I was there with him in his living room.”
Kati Eddinger, Aurora, Illinois

“I love the book. My #1 comment is I want a sequel.”
Becky Reichardt, St. Louis, Missouri

“A dream come true for anyone who fantasizes about hanging out with his or her favorite celebrity.”
Chris Scherting, St. Louis, Missouri

“I loved Maggie. I felt like I was there, like it really happened.”
Cindy Denner, Lakeland, Florida

“I adore the book. I learned a lot of interesting things about Elvis and the story left me with a smile on my face.”
Katie Robinson, St. Louis, Missouri

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