About the author

Kelly Peach has spent her career stringing words into stories. Over 25 years, she has written radio news, advertising, public relations and corporate communications copy, and TV and video productions. Kelly won an Emmy in 2002 for a local prime time TV special. She is presently Senior Director of Communications at St. Patrick Center, a nonprofit organization that helps people who are homeless build permanent, positive change in their lives.

Kelly lives in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. This is her first novel.


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  1. Are signed copies available at Blueberry Hil, or anywhere locally? I want to get a couple of copies, one for a friend who works at Graceland who may be able to get this into their Gift Shop if you’re not already there.



    1. Very cool, Jim! I posted a new entry today about how to buy the books. Should be at the top of the page. Has my email as well if you need to contact me. Not in any gift shops… yet. I wonder if Graceland would even consider a work of fiction? Thanks for the interest! KP



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