About the books

Amazing Grace
Sequel to Waking Up in Graceland
by Kelly Peach

Back in her hometown, Maggie is falling in love fast but unwilling to let go of her time with Elvis in Memphis. She’ll do whatever it takes to return to the King of Rock ‘n Roll, because she has something important to tell him, and someone she wants him to meet.

Published November 2018

Waking Up in Graceland
An Elvis Story
by Kelly Peach

It took a lot of trying, but Maggie, obsessed with Elvis her entire life, has finally convinced her local newspaper to send a reporter with her to Graceland. The story gathering experience starts out well, but after a night of partying on Beale Street, Graceland has changed. It’s December 1960. And guess who’s home for Christmas.

Published January 2015

WUIG cover FINAL 11-14

The Kitchen Bowl Gang
Our first children’s book! 
by Kelly Peach
Illustrated by Mary Rae Reese

They were a friendly bunch until a couple of strangers showed up. Feeling challenged by new stories and unfamiliar company, the buddies joined together to make themselves feel better… but at what cost?

Published November 2020

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